Luna the Cat

a website for a cat

a website for a cat

but not just any cat..

since adopting Luna, she has amazed us with her innate abilities as well as a curosity about the world around her.

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her breed?


part Lynx
the ears and facial features as well as hunting skills come from this rare Afrikan cat breed.


part Tortle Point
some attribute the strange striping on her tail and legs to be from this rather uncommon breed.


part Siamese
the color pattern on her body and face must be due to this part of her genetics.

life events

luna's life events spayed

getting spayed
October 7, 2013
we successfully spayed and de-wormed her for only $60.00 at the local vet.

luna's life events fleas

flea treatment issues
January 12, 2014
after several attempts with multiple brands, luna continues to show signs of fleas :(